What is the cost?

The cost is $6.99/month ($11.99/month INTERNATIONAL).  That's just the price of a couple cups of coffee each month.  This includes a durable full color custom 3-ring binder (ships with your first order) and one full color survival skill sheet per month. 

Does $6.99/mo include shipping?

Yes, the complete and total cost is $6.99/month ($11.99 INTERNATIONAL)and that does include shipping.  Creek's mission is to teach life-saving survival skills to as many people as possible and so he is making this service affordable for anyone on any budget.  His goal is for you to be overwhelmed with the value he delivers each month for just $6.99 ($11.99 INTERNATIONAL).

How often do I receive new survival skill sheets?

Every month.  New Survival Skill Sheets ship on the 7th.

Will the Survival Skill Sheets cover all environments?

A direct quote from Creek:

There will be skills that apply to nearly all regions and environments, including desert and the cold north woods. I have already taken and have several future trips planned to areas outside of my "home base" in the Eastern Woodlands so that I can cover skills that are specific to other regions.  Due to the incredible variety of regions, there will definitely be some skills that pertain to specific plants/trees/environments that may not apply to all subscribers.  Learning skills outside of your comfort zone is an important aspect of SSOTMC.

There are also many skills which do not require or use specific natural resources. At the end of the day, I'm really trying hard to make it a well rounded series of skills, and of value to all regions. Even if one particular month doesn't necessarily apply directly to your region/environment, you will still learn something. And, that's what this is all about - KNOWLEDGE." - CR///EK

Skills will be arranged into 13 different survival categories.  See the LEGEND below:


Are the skills taught each month DIFFERENT from the APOCABOX Skills Challenge?

Yes, the APOCABOX Skills Challenge that comes in Creek's APOCABOX Survival Box is totally different from the monthly skills taught through SSOTMC Skill Sheets.  If you already subscribe to Creek's APOCABOX, this will still be new information.

Is there a contract?

CREEK HATES CONTRACTS!   No, you can cancel at any time, for any reason.  Simply email your subscription name and email address to contact@survivalskillofthemonth.com

When am I charged?

You will be charged for your FIRST Skill Sheet as soon as you subscribe.  Then, you will be charged on the 1st of each month after that.  We will charge your billing credit card on file.

When do you ship the new survival skill sheet each month?

Your first Skill Sheet will be mailed/emailed within 24-hours after you subscribe.  All survival skill sheets after that will ship on the 7th of each month via United States Postal Service.  DIGITAL Issues will also be emailed on the 7th as well.

Can I buy past skill sheets?

Yes, past skill sheets from previous months are available to CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS ONLY for $8.99 + shipping.

How do I access the SHOP?

The SSOTMC Shop is for ACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS ONLY.  It is password protected.  The password is included in charging invoices, receipts and shipping confirmations.  Or, you can request it by emailing us at contact@survivalskillofthemonth.com

How do I cancel?

Simply send your subscription name and email address to contact@survivalskillofthemonth.com.

How do I change my billing information?

You can manage your account on-line if you wish at https://survivalskillofthemonth.recurly.com/.  Simply enter your email at the bottom and click RESET PASSWORD to create a password and log in.  You can do the following from this subscriber dashboard:

  • Update billing credit card and address
  • Change email address
  • Cancel subscription

You CANNOT change your shipping address in the subscriber dashboard.  To do this, please email us directly at contact@survivalskillofthemonth.com

Do you ship internationally (outside United States)?

Yes, we ship worldwide. The cost is still just $11.99 USD and that includes shipping.



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