Build the most extensive, detailed, and creative collection of survival skills you will EVER see for less than .25 cents a day.

Survival Skill of the Month Club subscribers can expect to build the most extensive collection of survival skills ever seen before in print.  Each month, survival instructor Creek Stewart mails an exclusive survival skill sheet to all subscribers.  Each skill sheet illustrates a single survival skill in unprecedented detail.  With the use of never-seen-before full-color, high-resolution macro photography and extensive descriptive text, Creek creates a volume of work resembling what can only be described as a forensic analysis of individual survival skills.  Each skill record will be based on true field experience and will be a collection of unique text and photographs not seen before in any available body of work.

It is my goal for subscribers to amass a volume of detailed survival instruction that exists no where else on Earth. This will be the culmination of a life-long study of survival skills, and I intend to make it one of my life’s greatest works.
— Creek Stewart

In this ongoing instructional series, Creek focuses on what he calls the "Critical 20%".  Most students of survival are familiar with roughly 80% of a particular survival skill, learned primarily through reading and watching videos.  However, it's the critical 20% of a skill that is the most important - the details that can only be gained from repetition and a dedication to mastery in the field. 

Join Creek on his journey to learn, record, present, deliver and teach survival skills in a remarkable way that has never been done before.  All skills will be organized into one of the thirteen different survival categories listed below.